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Friday, September 23, 2005

Podcasting Starter Kit (from Lockergnome)

Create the podcast you want to listen to. Podcasting puts the listener in control allowing them to tune in when they want, where they want, listening to whatever happens to turn them on at the moment. What’s driving this audio revolution is a dedicated group of publishers, delivering compelling audio programming on demand. Podcasting Starter Kit introduces the reader to the creative process required to make a podcast. Using free software tools and affordable audio components, anyone can record a podcast and distribute it to millions of potential listeners with virtually no previous audio experience.

How to Select and Manage a Business Domain Name

Selecting and managing a domain name properly can save you a lot of frustration in the future. Here is some guidance I offer my friends and clients when they ask me about this most important task... READ ON

Darryl Parker, president and CEO of Parker Web Developers, writes for Trade Street Journal.

Come to ConvergeSouth 2005!


Friday - October 7, 2005 A full-day new journalism and media conference held at NC A&T State University. See the guest speakersand session leaders on the Friday Schedule page

Saturday - October 8, 2005 A full day devoted to creativity on theWeb for all people. Session leaders will be blogging their topics in the Converge blog; read the session topics on the Saturday schedule

Friday Night in Downtown Greensboro- groove after the conference (no cover if registered) Friday night, after the conference, downtown Greensboro is ours (share nicely with the citizens!) as we present music and fun.

Saturday Night in Downtown Greensboro - eat & be merry & enjoy the headliner Saturday night brings us Alana Davis, a headliner for everyone. Free to Converge attendees.

BBC: Radio has its eye on podcasters

Podcasters have already inspired conventional radio stations to evolve.

But their podcasts will increasingly be on the radar of traditional radio broadcasters as fertile grounds to feed the desire for new talent, and ideas.
Both the BBC and Virgin will watch what podcasters do, learning from them, just as podcasters learned from radio.
"It won't be too long before this [podcasting] becomes the normal route to discover new talent," says Chris Kimber, head of BBC Radio Interactive.
He was just one of more than 100 podcasters at Europe's inaugural podcasting conference, in London - PodcastConUK.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Webkorner and CharlotteInternet Create Powerpoint Library

Webkorner and CharlotteInternet have teamed up to create a powerful PowerPoint library to aid businesses and clients with new and often difficult to understand new products and services in the industry.

Among the titles are:
  • VoIP
  • Wi-Fi
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • RSS, Atom & Syndication

as well as other useful subjects like:

  • Selling the Invisible - A Field Guide to Modern Marketing

Other titles soon to be added are:

  • Business Blogging
  • Buzz Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Press Releases
  • more


Monday, September 12, 2005

"Biopolis", Research Campus, part of Kannapolis revitalization plan

Kannapolis is coming back, and we at Charlotte Internet could not be happier. A few years ago, Kannapolis saw the largest layoff in NC history. Now they are going to host a world-class research institute which will spawn thousands of good and great jobs.
For more about this wondrous development, see this and this and this and this.

We are going to extending our services to make sure that everyone in Kannapolis has access to the internet, and thus information and experience -- invaluable in preparing for the new day.

Wikipedia on VoIP

Learn about your future...