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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Creating the service you would love

In many service businesses, the industry – not the client – defines quality. Many architects treasure buildings that are enormously inconvenient for the people working inside.

Ask: Who is setting your standards – your industry, your ego, or your clients?

At Charlotte Internet, we want to create the possible service; the service you would love.
To that end, we want to know what it is that people actually want, regardless of whether or not it exists yet. To create the possible service, sometimes you have to break through the walls of convention and habit.

But it is not enough to simply satisfy a customer's needs and wants. In creating the possible service, it will often be the case that new and better ways might be suggested that was not already in the mind of the customer. After all, it is our job to keep on the forefront of technology, and share our findings with customers, who may not have the time to do the research.

In the best-selling book, "Selling the Invisible", marketing guru, Harry Beckwith, shows the way toward creating a world that people would love, by creating businesses people would love. But, as he says, you are competing with Disney...which is to say that people's standards have risen because of companies like McDonalds and Disney, who both service massive amounts of people, while being able to satisfy each and every one, in an almost seemless manner. A 20 customer gas station has dirtier bathrooms than a ten thousand customer Disney. Disney makes it possible. They create the possible service.

What is possible? Help us as we discover and create.

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